Real Estate Photography: How to Capture Premium Photos in Commercial Properties

You may either be a Realtor or a professional photographer for real estate. You use the same way to capture photos in commercial properties and residential properties. Actually, only some minor differences between them. Just like any property, it is important that you make the photo quality as big as you can for the commercial listings. This attracts potential buyers. You can do the following tips we outlined in this article.

Plan and Prepare

The first thing you should do to achieve premium photos for real estate is to plan and prepare. You should find out what the client is like. You should know their specific wants and needs concerning photos of the property. You look around the property. This gives you the feeling of the features you should highlight in your photos. 

You can make a shot list with the property owner and other stakeholders. You do this on the interior and exterior spaces. This list includes the goals of the property owner. For instance, your goal is to promote a property for the total lease. Organize the photos of office spaces with busy people working. Another example is to emphasize the location of the building. Secure photos of that building. Show the downtown, parking, mass transit, and more.

You can check out how natural light corresponds to the various spaces in the property. A good example is you take photos of the exterior spaces in the morning rather than in the afternoon. You prepare your camera gears ahead of your photoshoot. These include you clean your lenses and camera. Your tripod should be free from dirt to prevent other marks on the floor. Regardless of which photographic assignment you should do, your photos will be a success if you plan and prepare more. 

Get Your Gear Ready

For this kind of work, you should use a DSLR (digital single-lens reflex)  or mirrorless camera. This is not a requirement to shoot the highest quality photos for commercial real estate. But you will improve the quality of your photos. This camera offers more customization features than a mobile phone.

These types of cameras come with interchangeable lenses. You can take advantage of this feature for large properties. Some spaces may need a view with a wider angle, such as a small office area. Other spaces may need the view with a narrower angle, such as the building’s entrance.

Also, you can invest in other gears, such as a solid tripod. This gear provides a stable base for the camera. Having this feature helps in capturing tack-sharp photos. Another gear would be a remote shutter release to trigger the shutter even if you don’t touch the camera.

Prepare the Commercial Properties for Photos

Tentage Rental Singapore works together with the owner of the building and the janitorial staff to prepare the commercial properties for their photos. To make sure a smooth process, it is wise to put in the contract the following details. (1) You should be responsible for the cleanliness of that property. (2) You present the photos based on ownership.

Tentage Rental Singapore conducts a meeting with the property owner before capturing photos. Exterior spaces should be free from trash and other debris. The company offers chairs for rent and should arrange the seating area well to invite more people. The lobbies and reception desks should be clutter-free.

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