7 Basic Gear Items for Photography Each Camera Newbie Must Own

You don’t have to make photography as an expensive hobby. You must have some gear items to snap the images you want. You can reduce your cost in various ways. You’re not required to purchase all these items immediately. You take note of the details to start out in photography. You must build up your own skills first. Then, you invest in more camera equipment.

If you have already a camera that is good for beginners, there are some pointers you should do to begin on the right foot. But if you don’t have any camera yet, you can save some money and purchase a used DSLR camera.

#1 Camera Tripod

Tripod is one of the camera accessories that are handy and significant. You need it at some point or another, for example, when you shoot portrait, landscape, street, night, or wedding photography. In setting with low light, the tripod has a stability feature to refrain from any camera shake in shots that have long exposure.

This is vital when you do selfie shots in the night and night sky photographs. When your first camera tripod is cheap, you can mess around it. You don’t have to worry if it gets dirty or breaks.

#2 Remote Shutter Release

This feature allows you to take a shot without touching the camera body. This gets rid of accidental blurring and camera shakes. You often pair this with the tripod. This has two types – the wireless and the wired. This does not bear weight on which one you get. Other remotes include built-in timers, half-press support, and LCD screens.

#3 Prime Lens

This interchangeable lens system applies only to those who have mirrorless and DSLR cameras. You start with a single prime lens that doesn’t have a zoom feature. This feature teaches you the correct composition techniques. When the lens is stationary, you use your skills and improve your shots faster.

#4 External Flash and AA Batteries + Battery Charger

If you have the intention to shoot in the dark, you’ll need the external flash, not the built-in one on your camera body. Other names of this flash include the flash gun and the speedlight. It is best you invest in rechargeable batteries if you’re serious about photography. Include also a battery charger.

#5 SD Memory Cards

Small SD cards are better than one big SD card in photography. This is convenient in situations when the files in your card get corrupted. You can use other cards. Buy the correct type of SD card. You can also get an SD card holder case that is resistant to water for safe storage and for travel.

#6 Camera Cleaning Kit

The body of your camera, accessories, and lenses are prone to dust, dirt, and moisture. If you neglect the maintenance, you’ll suffer permanent damage, and it can be costly. Since it is too expensive to have professional camera cleaning, you should learn the ways to properly clean your gear yourself. If a serious issue arrives, take your camera to the professional.

#7 Camera Strap and Camera Bag

Usually, your camera has its own branded strap in the box. But often, this strap is uncomfortable, small, and weak. Pick the affordable, durable, comfortable, and adjustable. You won’t regret if you include a quality camera strap in your list after completing your setup. You also include a properly designed bag for the job. This relieves your hassle for trying to carry all camera items. If you plan to also carry a laptop, consider the backpack type.

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