6 Instant Tricks to Become Better at Photography

Photography is an art. You cannot learn this overnight. You can be better at photography. This article has simple tricks to step up your game as a photographer.

#1 Look at the Light

Without lighting, a photograph won’t be possible. You first learn the camera settings that need a certain distance. You must look at the light. You observe the way the light changes the exposure and make various feelings to the people looking at it. You see how to work with light when shooting.

#2 Focus on Your Photo Techniques

You’ll have better pictures when you use more expensive and better camera equipment. But you won’t get those images you like if you don’t know how to use that high-end equipment. A better photographer focuses on their photo techniques and creates great pictures without using that expensive camera equipment.

#3 Learn to Use Aperture and Shutter Speed

You need to learn two tools – the aperture and the shutter speed. Learning how they work and how to use them achieves the best image results. You understand how they work together. You’ll also save more time.

#4 Use Various Composition Techniques

You can change the whole image when you change the composition. This composition of a photo means how it is composed and organized. Some proper techniques to enhance your images include the following:

(1) Rule of Thirds. Divide an image into nine equal squares. Put the subject where the lines meet.

(2) Leading Lines. Take the lines like pillars and road in the images to lead your attention into that picture.

(3) Pattern and Symmetry. A photo with similar patterns and symmetrical shapes and lines provides more harmony. You can have an interrupted pattern to look at something without getting messy.

#5 Stand in Front of Things That Interests you

This is a simple trick, but it is entirely up to you. You should know the things you find interesting. You can start in your hometown. All you need to do is to capture better images of those interesting things. You can try a photo walk or location shooting. But this depends on what type of photography you often do.

For photo walk, you stroll for a short period of time in a new area of your home town. You can also stroll in an old area from a newer perspective. Just bring your camera with you.

#6 Look Back at Your Old Photos

The last trick is to allow some time to sit down and review your old photos. You’ll figure out a lot of ways. You will find photography as an inspiration and feel the excitement. You’ll reminisce the reason you became a photographer. Appreciating what motivates you is vital to improve your strengths and weaknesses as a photographer.


Photography is fun, so keep it that way. Remember that getting great photos needs plenty of time and practice. Don’t be discouraged quickly if you don’t understand everything like the depth of the field, the shutter speed, or the aperture. Just know how your camera works.

Focus on your subject you’re capturing. Free your mind of other worries. Create a mental or physical checklist and keep it. Make it your habit to follow every time you go out to shoot. This prevents you from making silly mistakes. Don’t give up just for a disheartening shoot.

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